SURPLUS TEST AND RF EQUIPMENT - Last Update - April 15th, 2015.

It's time to clear out some old Treasures.

Below is a List of the remaining Surplus Test Equipment and other RF stuff that needs a New home.
It's going fast !!!
For those Items without $Pricing... drop me an Email (alandevlin AT bigpond DOT com) with your $Offers.



P6122 - 100 MHz, complete with End Hook assembly, includes Earth Clip, $35
          - 100 MHz, missing End Hook assembly, includes Earth Clip, 3 Units - $20 each
          - 100 MHz, missing End Hook assembly and Earth Clip, 3 Units - $15

P6133 - 150 MHz, missing Hook assembly & Earth Clip - $20

P6136 - 350 MHz, complete with End Hook assembly & Earth Clip - $50
          - 350 MHz, missing Hook assembly, includes Earth Clip - $35

HP CRO Probes.

HP10006D - 10:1 Divider Probe, c/w Hook assembly, Earth Cable yes but missing Alligator Clip - $25
HP10005D - 10:1 Divider Probe, c/w Hook assembly, missing Earth Clip - $20
HP10004D - Ditto. $20.

HP10431A - 500 MHz, Miniature 10:1 Divider Probe, c/w Hook assembly and Earth Clip - $50

TEKTRONIX GRABBERS + Accessories - 7 or 8 units +++ : $Offers ?

Morse Key - HIMOUND Model HK-707, Good Condx - $45

HP8620C Sweeper Package, 10-1300 MHz and 5.7-9.0 GHz.
The most desirable Sweeper P/In in this package is a good HP86220A with 10-1300 MHz Spec's. It has the
Optional 70 dB Step Attenuator fitted.

This RF Plug In was originally faulty. It was very Low O/P (> -35 dBm).
I have repaired the internals of the Hybrid O/P module and it now delivers a "Levelled" 0 dBm across
it's Spec'd Range. It's Max O/P is circa +4 dBm (should be +10 dBm).
This unit can do CW at any chosen Frequency or Sweep any part or all of it's Spec'd Frequency Range.
I have tweaked the Minimum O/P Frequency Control and it will deliver an unlevelled RF O/P down to about
1.25 MHz. I don't have the correct (10-1300 MHz) Sweep Range Display to fit (clip into) the Rotary Range
unit so I will provide one that the new Owner can glue an alternate paper (?) Template onto...

Also included with this Sweeper package is an HP86242A RF Plug In. It nominally has 5.9-9.0 GHz Spec's.
This Plug In can deliver a Levelled O/P of up to +10 dBm across it full operating Range.
It's max O/P is up to +14 dBm.
On this Plug In, I have tweaked the Minimum O/P Frequency Control and it will now function down to 5730 MHz
meaning it covers the 5760 MHz Amateur Band.
It comes with the correct (5.9 - 9.0 GHz) Sweep Range Display to fit (clip into) the Rotary Range unit
but there will be a minor offset error now that I have set a Lower minimum Frequency of 5730 MHz.

This Sweeper M/F can be operated with many different types of Sweeper Plug Ins up to 18/22 GHz.
The best (most desirable) ones are the Broadband HP86222A/B/C, 10-2400 MHz and the HP86290A/B, 2-18.6 GHz.
Because this unit is primarily a Sweep Generator used for assessing the broadband RF performance of Antenna's,
Filters and Amplifiers etc, none of the RF Plug Ins can be GPS Locked.
For more info on what Plug Ins etc. that are available... I will refer you to ePray USA for more info.
I have No Service Manuals for this Unit but they are also available on the WEB.

Cosmetics - good condition but with one damaged Knob (easily swapped). It has it's 4 HP Feet and a Stand fitted.
Sold AS-IS.. meaning it needs a damn good clean etc.

BUT WAIT... there's more...
I will also toss in a 2nd HP8620C M/F for Spares etc. This M/F has a couple of siezed Vernier Controls,
a few damaged Knobs & a broken Vernier Belt. All it's PCB's are in tact and it has it's 4 HP Feet and Stand fitted.

Price : $Au450 the LOT.

HP K382A : 18.0-26.5 GHz Precision Variable Attenuator, 0-60 dB, WR-42 I/O.
Condition - not real good. Unfortunately there are a few big Paint chips.
The Paint chips of course don't affect operation but it's a cosmetic shame.
Price : $Au200

YAESU FT-290R, 2m All mode Radio. This unit needs repairs. I think it's OK on FM Rx, SSB Rx ?, FM Tx is crook,
SSB Tx ? I need to Retest. Includes a genuine Service Manual.
Physical Condition is Good.
Price : $Make me a reasonable Offer.

YAESU VX-1R, VHF/UHF Ultra compact Dual Band Transceiver with Wideband Rx coverage.
This FM H/H does 2m & 70cm Tx with many other Rx (only) Band segments.
I fitted a brand New Battery in Feb 2014. Comes c/w a Charger, Operators Manual and the Original Box.
Condition is Excellent.
Price : $Au150 ONO.

WAVETEK Step Attenuator - Model 7554, 0-10 dB, BNC(ff), 75 Ohms.
This unit will still work fine in 50 Ohm environments but with a minor error.
Condition - Brand New unused.
Price : $Au25

BOSCH multi voltage Switch Mode Power Supplies : Model TIF-Q4749-A.
Input 115/240 Volts Auto Ranging,
Outputs : +12 @ 3A, -12 @ 0.4A, +5 @ 1.5A, +3.3 @ 0.7A, 15.5/2Amps.
Supplied with Mains Line Filter & AC IEC connector. Multiple units available : $5 each

Solar Inverter, Sunny Boy, SMA Technologies Model SB-1100. Guaranteed WORKING !!!
This is a nominal 1000 Watt Solar Inverter.
I ran it for a year or so and then upgraded to a larger SB-1700 unit. Comes complete with the Proprietary
240 Volts Mains connection cable.
Selling : $250 or near offer...

5.7 GHz PA, 0 dBm gives >5 Watts Output.
Needs +10 Volts @ 4 Amps Sequenced with a -6 Volt Bias Rail.
Selling $100. Last one !!

MOTOROLA MTS 2000, UHF Handheld Radio's. Multiple units.
These high quality commercial 5 Watt Radios have been re-Programmed for the 40 Channel UHF CB Band.
Unfortunately I never got any Batteries or Antenna's with them so although they have been Re-Programmed and
fully tested... I must sell them AS-IS. Batteries and Antennas are readily available on ePray USA etc.
Selling : $50 each.

GaAs FET's, Fujitsu FLL-120, 10 Watts on 2.4 GHz. Guaranteed Tested OK.
I'm selling these "PULLS" for a mere $5 each.

GaAs FET's - MGF0905 x2 in 900 MHz Cell Amps. Multiple units available.
These FET's will deliver up to 5 watts on 2.4 GHz & circa 4 Watts on 3.4 GHz.
They are part of a little 900 MHz Cell Pre-Amp Box with N(ff) I/O.
Selling each boxed Amplifier (2 FET's) for $5 each.

BIRD and other Brand SLUG's - in varying conditions !!! Most are NOT Perfect.
If it's not Listed - I don't have any !!
Please do your OWN investigation as to the Specifications of these Units...
I will provide details of relative Cosmetic Conditions On Request.

Remember this... each Slug type has a defined Operating Bandwidth BUT I know they will function (tested) in the adjacent
Band with a minor error !!

4274-050 : 100-400 MHz Sample unit - $50,
10A - $25,
50A - Faulty, $10, Simple Fix - pop Lid & replace Diode.
25B - $25,
50B - 2 off, $30 each,
100B - $35
10C - 2 off. $35 each
25C - $35,
10D - $35,
2.5K - (1296 MHz), $45
5K - (1296 MHz), 3 off, $45 each.

Other odd ball Slugs where I'm seeking $Offers...

080-2, 3 off,
110-1, 2 off one sus,
472-19 - 2 off,

Coaxial ADAPTORS - 100's and 100's of units all Brand New, to clear !!!

I still have a large quantity of Coaxial and between Series Adaptors.
All (most off) the more common N/SMA/BNC units are selling for $5 each.

The exceptions are as follows...

All SMB and SMC Adaptors to anything else are $10 each.
N(f) to UHF(m) are $7 each,
N(m) to UHF(f) are $7 each,
SMA(m) to BNF(f) are $7 each.

Please Email me your requirements & I will respond with Availability and $Pricing.

SMA Loads, circa 8 GHz Spec's.
$1 for 5 units !!!

Up For Sale are some Amplifiers, LNA or QRP, Wideband.
These nifty little Amps are great for the Bench as Wideband Test Amps or QRP Amplifiers.
While the Noise Figure is nothing sensational... they could even be useful as an LNA too.
They have a usable Frequency range from circa 140 MHz all the way up to 1350 MHz.
The Gain on 144 MHz is around 15 dB, 432 is circa 27 dB & 1296 is circa 18 dB. 
As a QRP Amp they have a Psat of circa +20 dBm (100 milliwatts).
They require +8 Volts @ circa 330 mA but will run off 12 volts with higher heat dissipation.
The have SMA(ff) for I/O.
Selling $25 each ! Multiple units available.

Dual Directional Couplers, XLNT Performance on 1296 & 2403 MHz... usable on 432 MHz.
For those of you who want to "sample" the RF Output of a High Power Amplifier or check the Return
Loss  of an Antenna... here's a little Coupler that will do the job just fine !!
The Primary Lines are N(m,f) and the Coupling Lines (Forward & Reverse) are SMA(ff).
These units have a nominal coupling of 28 dB...
So in you have a 10 or 100 Watt Amplifier on 1296 Mhz (+40 or +50 dBm) then you will be able to get
about 15 or 150 milliwatts from your Fwd Coupling Port. This is more than enough for a Power Meter
Display or a Diode Detector to light an "RF Sense" LED.
Selling $25 each. Multiple units available.

2 Metre Dick Smith Amplifier, Model K-6313. No Doco.
This High power for 2 Metres will (I think) deliver 100 Watts in selectable SSB or FM Modes.
I have not used this PA for many years so I will need to Test it before Sale.
It recall it requires a fairly hefty 12 Volt Supply to run and a maximum of 10 Watts (?) RF Drive.
Selling $150.

COAXIAL RELAYS, TRANSCO, SMA(fff), 24 Volts Failsafe, 18 GHz.
Selling $30 each, multiple units available.

Don't be put off with the perceived problems of Latching Relays..
It's easy to "flip" them with a Pulse from a Capacitor and or a little DC Relay.
Selling $20 each, multiple units available.

MITEC Ku SSPA, Model : SKYLINK 9000.
This is a Rack Mount, 25 Watt Ku Band (14.0 - 14.5 GHz) High Power Amplifier.
It's in lovely condition but I still need to Test it.
Seeking $Offers.

HP PROGRAMMABLE Step Attenuators Models HP33320H and HP33321H, 0-11 dB and 0-70 dB, 18 GHz, SMA(ff).
These high quality Step Attenuators are remotely/cable Programmable (not Manual)... meaning they require the
HP 11713A Attenuator Switch Driver. Fully functional, Tested OK.
Seeking $Offers.


IFR A7550 Spectrum Analyser with Tracking Generator.
This is the last Unit available.

This Micro Processor controlled unit has 100 Khz to 1000 MHz Spec's.
It is a 240 Volt Portable/Luggable Spectrum Analyser which can also run on a 12 to 30 Volt DC Supply.
It has the VERY desirable Option of an Internal Tracking Generator good to 1000 MHz which makes it
ideal for testing Amplifiers, Filters and Antenna's etc.
This unit also has the HP-IB Option fitted.
Both units have been tested on the Bench for many hours and all seems OK !!

I can supply the Buyer with soft copies (.pdf) of the Operation and Service Manuals.
Just remind me...
Price : $Au1000 plus Shipping.

HP5316A, Frequency Counter, 100 MHz, 2 Units.
This counter is very clean and has been tested to well beyond 150 MHz. HP-IB Option is fitted.
Price : $Au140 ea.  plus Shipping.

HP5303B, Frequency Counter, 525 MHz.
This is a smallish unit. Tested to beyond 600 MHz.
Price : $Au150  plus Shipping.

HP, Modular Power Supplies,
Input 115/240 volts.
Output : 62005G - 5V/16A, 62628J - 28V/10A, 62215E - 15V/2.75A.
Make me an $Offer for the LOT !!

BOONTON Power/Voltmeter Meter Cables, x3, Suit Models 42, 4200, 92 etc.
Price : $Au30 ea. plus Shipping.

BOONTON SENSOR, Model 4200-4B, .10 to 12.0 GHz, Dual Diode Sensor.
The Calibration Label has worn off but I have created a rough VK3XPD Calibration Chart and it's fine.
Selling $150.

Wandel and Goltermann, Selective Level Meter, SPM-6, 6 KHz to 18.6 MHz, Battery still works.
Price : Make me an $Offer plus Shipping.

ANRITSU, Tracking Generator, 2 Units, Model MH672A, 20 KHz to 2 GHz, suits MS710x Series.
Price : $   

TEKTRONIX Plug Ins - 7A26 x2, 7B53A x4, 7B53AN x1, 7B71 x3, 7B85 x1, 7B87 x1.
Price : $ make me an offer.

ICOM IC-280, 144 MHz FM Transceiver, 2 Units, Status Unknown,
Price : $   plus Shipping. Make me an $Offer.

NEC, Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier, Several units, 5.76 GHz, 80-100 Watts, ideal for EME.
Due to the very dangerous nature of the High Voltages present and the very High Power RF available from
these units, I will have to discuss any/all potential Sales with a/any Buyer before I will agree to Sell.

NEC, Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier, 10.368 GHz, nominally 50 Watts Output, ideal for EME.
Due to the very dangerous nature of the High Voltages present and the very High Power RF available from
these units, I will have to discuss any/all potential Sales with a/any Buyer before I will agree to Sell.

ALFRED, TWTA, Instrumentation (low power, 1-2 Watts) Units, 2-4 GHz, 4-8 GHz, 7-12.4 GHz, Status Unknown
but they were working.
Make me an $Offer for the LOT !!

GE, 240 Volts to 115 Volts Step Down Transformer, 1000 Watts, lovely condition.
Price : $Au75 plus Shipping.

Schlumberger, Antenna Multiplexor (Coax Switch), 2 GHz, One Port to one of 6 Ports, Two Banks, N(f),
Price : Make me an $Offer plus Shipping.