BIG DISH Re Installation Project.

This is a quick overview of an exciting new Project that I'm driving...

I recently purchased a pair of surplus Uplink Dishes at Auction.
One is a VERTEX 9.3 Metre, Ku Band and the other is an ANDREWS 7.5 Metre, C Band.

Through the generosity of Michael - VK3MM, these Dish will soon be "re-installed" on his Farming property in Eastern Victoria.

I am MOST grateful for Michael's generous offer !!!!

This is a huge Project.
Each disassembled Dish was in it's own 40 Foot Container.
I then had both Containers "trucked" from near Sydney down to Michael's Farm.
The orders of scale are nothing like I have ever tackled previously.
The Dish surface on the 9.3 Metre alone weighs more than 2000 Kilo's and the supporting Pedestal is 1500 Kilo's.

We already have our Planning Permit but to allow circa 360 Degrees of Azimuth
requires the Azimuth and Support structure to be modified.
Once we have our Engineering Drawings approved... then we can look to get the extensive Footings built.

The initial Plan is to install the 9.3 Metre and get it Operational. The 7.5 Metre can follow later.
After Installation, the plan is to "scan the heavens" looking for signals from sources like Pulsars, Quasars and other celestial objects.
The hope is also to be able to monitor the Telemetry of some Man Made Satellites too.

Eventually, it is our Plan to deliver Remote Operation of this Facility via the Internet and to make this Dish available for use by "any"
Amateur Radio Club worldwide.

Here are a few Photo's of this Dish Hardware....

This is a photo of the 9.3 Metre VERTEX before it was disassembled.
Note the small Car in the foreground.

After both 40 Foot Containers arrived @ the Farm, Michael used his Tractor to drag the 9.3 Metre to it's new "home" !

This is a montage of Photo's showing the extraction of the 9.3 Metre Dish hardware from the Container.
Note the huge Cassegrain !!

Another montage...

More updates to this Webpage will follow in the coming months.


Alan, VK3XPD