VK GPS Locked Beacons Project....

To summarise... this Project and the Sponsorship offer of a $200 cash Grant per Beacon Upgrade was originally developed/proposed by me... Alan - VK3XPD in June, 2014. 
Later, the WIA Federal Branch recognised the value of my Proposal to VK Amateur Radio and decided to join me in a Co-Sponsorship arrangement.

As off June 1st, 2015, this Proposal has now ended.
The results of this Co-Sponsored Promotion to upgrade various VK Beacons to full GPS Locking Status were excellent.
A detailed Report has already appeared in the WIA Magazine : Amateur Radio.

The final tally of $200 Grants to Beacon/Club Owners for Beacon Upgrades to full GPS Locking Status that resulted from my Proposal across VK was $3000 !!
Although there were (only) 15 Applications for Beacon $Grants, I am pleased to say that more than 25 VK Beacons were Upgraded to full GPS Locking because of this Promotion.

Here is the breakdown of the newly GPS Locked Beacons across VK...

VK1 - NIL Applications received.

VK2 - NIL Applications received.

VK3  - 6 Applications received.

VK3RRU - 144.438 MHz,
VK3RLP - 1296.532 MHz, 2403.532 MHz,
VK3RMB - 432.536 MHz, 1296.536 MHz,
VK3RGI - Multiple Beacons Upgraded,
VK3RGL - Multiple (4 ?) Beacons Upgraded.

VK4 - 2 Applications received.

VK4RBB - Multiple (4 ?) Beacons Upgraded.

VK5 - 4 Applications received.

VK5RLZ - Multiple (4 ?) Beacons Upgraded,
VK5VF - Multiple (4) Beacons Upgraded,
VK5RSE - 10368.550 MHz.

VK6 - 2 Applications received.

VK6RST - Multiple Beacons Upgraded,
VK6REP - 144.568 MHz.

VK7 - 1 Application received.

VK7RAE - Multiple (3 ?) Beacons Upgraded.

To Download the old Eligibility Criteria... see here... Beacons inVK.