Ku Band Uplink MMIC's on 10 GHz.

For many years I have been modifying all manner of Ku Uplink hardware down to 10 GHz.
The reason - the $cost of 10 GHz GaAs Power FET's is usually prohibitive.

This Article will  describe the Modification process I used to "move" Ku Band MMIC PA's down to 10 GHz.

These cute little Amps are definitely a VERY simple and cheap solution for a high Gain 10 GHz Amplifier that
delivers more than 1 Watt with a modest RF Drive level up to +13 dBm.

The rest of the content in this Page will appear soon.

If these 10 GHz PA's interest you.... drop me an Email to alandevlin AT bigpond DOT com


Alan - VK3XPD